Titan Dollars Reader

Why use a Titan dollars reader?

  • Organizations can use a Titan Dollars reader to accept Titan Dollars payments for tickets, t-shirts, and other approved items
  • All funds collected through the reader will be transferred to the account listed on the reader request form. Transfers will be made after the close of the month.

General items that Titan dollars can not be accepted for:

  • Donations
  • Gambling, games of chance or raffles
  • Items that do not portray the University in a positive manner

If student organizations wish to reserve a Titan Dollars Reader to accept Titan Dollars for an event and/or item that they wish to sell, they can request a Titan dollars Reader through Titan Central.

The use of the TitanCard readers and devices is a courtesy extended to student organizations and departments; however, we reserve the right to refuse any reader request and to remove equipment during any sale. Use of the devices constitutes acceptance of these terms and agreement to replace any damaged devices or be assessed a replacement fee.

Titan Dollars funds cannot be used for donation purposes. We must transfer all funds to a University account and the funds may be spent on-campus or off-campus following all current University purchasing guidelines. We are unable to cut a check to the University Foundation or to an off-campus charity.

  • Titan Dollars must be transferred to a University WISDM account
  • All Titan Dollars sales are subject to a 2.5% convenience fee
  • All requests must abide by all University, State and Federal guidelines, laws and policies
  • Any request that pertains to food items must be approved by the Assistant Director of Dining


University accounts cannot be used as a pass through account for Titan Dollars funds.

You can download the Titan Dollars Reader Request form here. Once completed please turn it into the Assistant Director of Business & Retail Services, Reeve Union 104.