Gail F. Steinhilber Art Gallery

Located on the third floor of Reeve Union, the gallery provides a great view of both campus and the Fox River. The gallery offers a secure environment for artwork, has a student attendant and is open during the 28-week academic year.

The Gail Floether Steinhilber Art Gallery is committed to the enrichment of cultural life on campus, in the community and throughout the Fox Valley.The gallery exists primarily to serve UW Oshkosh students and present work that is intriguing, inspiring, thought provoking, and at times socially challenging, yet always in keeping with the university's institutional excellence.

Works by local, regional and nationally recognized artists, as well as by the university's students, faculty and staff are exhibited in the gallery. Exhibitions are planned, promoted and installed by the student staff and director.

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Infertility (IF) has been described as a culturally stigmatizing and invisible disease. The public is invited to this innovative and emotionally provoking art exhibit portraying the realities, pains, and joys of living with IF. Curated by The Art of Infertility, this Exhibit breaks the silence around reproductive grief and pushes back against common misconceptions. Come witness the silenced stories of infertility, told through art.

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