About Involvement

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UW Oshkosh students give thousands of hours back to the Oshkosh community and beyond each year. Review the many ways to get connected with service opportunities and local non-profit agencies.



Looking for something to do? Want to know what’s happening on campus? Visit our Events page to learn about ways that Student Leadership and Involvement is bringing campus to life!


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Programs are designed to facilitate the inclusive shared learning experiences of students. Initiatives promote students coming together to engage in dialogue, challenge barriers, and build collaborative relationships. Our goal is to create a community environment that recognizes differences, respects uniqueness, and facilitates interaction, learning and appreciation.


Leadership development at UW Oshkosh happens in a number of different ways. Review some of the many leadership opportunities that happen through engagement and involvement with various events and organization on campus.

Workshop Wednesday



Student organizations and their leaders are recognized in various ways on campus. Check out who has been awarded in the past and how to nominate others in the future!


Clubs & Organizations

Check out over 150 student clubs & organizations on campus. Get connected with people who have similar interests, have fun and make a difference!