Student Jobs & Employment

Students play a huge role in Reeve Union by helping out with union events and programs sponsored by Reeve Union and other departments and organizations on campus. Reeve Union offers a variety of positions for any UW Oshkosh student.


How to apply at Reeve Union

Reeve Union counts on student employees to perform many diverse and interesting jobs, including Office Assistant, Operations Team, Building Managers, Titan Central Assistants, Titan Underground Assistant, AV Technicians, Computer Technicians, and Web Developers, plus more!  Not sure which job is right for you? You can apply for multiple jobs on the same app form. 

To apply:

Please Note: To qualify for and continue employment with Reeve Union, you must be enrolled at least half time (6 credits), earn and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (some positions require a higher GPA), demonstrate good customer service, human relations, and communication skills.


Student Jobs with Sodexo

Sodexo is a contracted company providing dining and catering services to UW Oshkosh, and also has employment opportunities available. Sodexo conducts a recruitment and hiring process separate from Reeve Union.

To apply: 

In the search window type "Oshkosh" and all available jobs will be listed.

Please Note Sodexo Student Employment: 
If you are planning on working for SODEXO we use e-verify and must have:
A picture ID plus your social security card, or just a Passport (ID and Passport must be current not expired).  Other forms may qualify for e-verify please call Tiffany @ 920-424-0905 or with any questions.