Laptop Rental

Laptops with wi-fi are free* for student use at Titan Central.


Reeve Union provides several wi-fi laptop computers that current UW Oshkosh students may check out from Titan Central, at no cost. This service is reserved for current University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students only. Your TitanCard is required for identification.

• A current TitanCard will be held at Titan Central, as security on the rental.

• Laptops may not leave Reeve Union.

• Laptops may be rented for a maximum of two hours or until Titan Central closes, whichever occurs first.

• Any files you save to the laptop will be automatically deleted when you shut down, so save your work to your own external drive. 

* The free laptop rental at Titan Central is provided by a grant from the Student Technology Fee. The laptops are maintained by Reeve Union Technical Services department. Please call (920) 424-1472 with questions.