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Volunteer Now!

Are you ready for something new and exciting? Do you have a true passion for volunteering? If you haven't gotten on board already - its time to join the Volunteer Now app!

Our newly launched app was created to ease communication between agencies and student volunteers, while promoting services. Here you will find a consistently updated list of volunteer events and/or positions to engage in through our local agencies! Many of the agencies have already registered, so we need YOUR HELP!


1. Follow this link: to access your portal account and login
2. Type "Volunteer Now" into the search bar and proceed to the app
3. Click on "sign up" to set up your account
4. Start browsing the awesome opportunities!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities in the Oshkosh Area:

Learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Oshkosh Area here: Volunteer Now!

Local agencies will submit volunteer needs on a rolling basis, so keep checking the "Short Term Opportunities" and "Internships/Long Term" links on a regular basis to see what has changed.  


Upcoming Volunteer Events on Campus:


 Blood Drives

There are blood drives scheduled to occur every month.  You can register in advance or simply show up the day of the drive.  The Blood Drives page has the dates, times, and resources about giving blood.  


Volunteer Resources

The "Resources" page contains

  • A list of departments and individuals who can help you plan volunteerism events

  • Resources on how to set up your own activities

  • A list of classes that connect to volunteer and civic engagement activities


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