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About Greek Life

Whether you're already Greek or just starting to think Greek Life might be right for you, we're glad you stopped by. College is all about making big decisions and this is no exception. Here's why:

Joining the UW Oshkosh fraternity/sorority community will provide you with the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and become involved on campus and throughout the Fox Valley community. The men and women in the fraternity/sorority community pride themselves in participating in experiences that highlight outstanding Scholarship, Social Development, Leadership and Volunteerism. They also pride themselves in learning how to live a values-based life throughout college and beyond. 

Membership in a fraternity or sorority helps foster special friendships and creates many valuable networks to help you succeed in college. In addition to having a network of thousands of alumni and the current members of each organization, you will have an opportunity to work with all areas of business management. Fraternities and sororities manage budgets, plan events, recruit new members, educate those members, and support each other. Above all this, you will begin to work with various philanthropic and community agencies. Greek organizations offer you a place to develop all the skills required to successfully operate in the real world.


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Angela Zemke 
Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor 

Addela Marzofka 
Sorority Recruitment Chair 

Morgan James 
Fraternity Recruitment Chair