Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Programs are designed to facilitate the inclusive shared learning experiences of students. Initiatives promote students coming together to engage in dialogue, challenge barriers, and build collaborative relationships. Our goal is to create a community environment that recognizes differences, respects uniqueness, and facilitates interaction, learning and appreciation.

Alternative Break

Each year, one of the annual Alternative Break trips is focused on diversity and inclusion, providing students an immersion service experience with populations different than themselves. In Spring 2015, students traveled to New York City and volunteer with GMHC, an organization devoted to ending the AIDS epidemic and uplifting the lives of all affected.


Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

The purpose of these events is to spread awareness and to educate the community about the hunger and homelessness culture, to promote equal opportunities, and provide visibility for related community organizations. Through this week, the committee hopes to empower the community with the strength and tools to have a positive experience on and off the campus.


Start Smart Salary Negotiation

In conjunction with the Women’s Center, this event is designed to help participants learn how to effectively negotiate salary offers, which is one way to combat the wage gap. Not sure what "wage gap" is? It's the oft-cited statistic that women make 77 cents to a man's dollar. But it's more complicated than that. Race, ethnicity, and gender are all a factor, with Hispanic women facing the largest pay gap. Utilizing resources from the WAGE Project and the AAUW, this workshop will provide students with the knowledge they need to feel confident in salary negotiations in order to combat the wage gap. These workshops are co-sponsored with the Women's Center, AAUW, Wage Project, UW Credit Union, Career Services, and Office of Student Affairs. Register Today for an upcoming Start Smart workshop.


Vote 2016

Do you have questions about the upcoming election? There will be many opportunities to get registered and to learn what you need to know to be an informed voter. 

9/21 at 6pm: Voting 101, Reeve Union Ballroom
9/26 at 6pm: Diversity and Inclusion Film Series, Electoral Dysfunction and Talkback with filmmakers, Reeve Union Theatre
10/27 at 5pm, Elect Her, Reeve Union 306

Look for more information to come about opportunities to register to vote.
For more information, visit the UW Oshkosh American Democracy Project.

Diversity Outdoors

Join us to discuss diversity and inclusion in the great outdoors! We are looking for students with an interest in Inclusive Excellence and a desire to make our community a better place. We will depart on Saturday morning for Harlman Lake State Park. While there, we will spend time discussing diversity and inclusion, as well as kayaking, hiking, and camping. We will return Sunday morning. Apply online here


Diversity and Inclusion Film Series

In collaboration with departments and student organizations, and in the context of the campus-wide focus on liberal education, this film series is designed to improve the intellectual and practical skills of our participation and to emphasize our responsibility as individuals to engage in active and integrated learning. Film topics will change for each film, but each will focus on diversity subject and follow up discussion will explore intersectionality and social impact.



Feminism Definition

Our working definition of feminism is the fight for equality for all genders, while recognizing that we are not all the same even if we share a gender identity. The common theme of our film series is gender equality – which is inclusive of discussions on women’s rights, constructions of masculinity, and cultural differences and understandings. The staff of both Women’s Center and Diversity and Inclusion Programs in Reeve Union view feminism as encapsulating all of these issues. However, this is not without contention. Many who fight for gender equality do not identify with the term ‘feminist’ and might instead identify, amongst other options, as a womanist, humanist, mujerista, and human rights activist. For brevity and because of our own cultural locations, we chose ‘Feminist Film Series’, but would like to utilize the asterisk to signify that this term is open for debate. As part of our film series, we hope to explore what feminism means and its applicability (or lack thereof) to different cultural locations and contexts.


RESPECT Campaign

Do your part to help raise awareness of diversity and inclusion on campus! During the first week in February, the campaign will run. Campus community members can sign the RESPECT pledge and show their support for respect in our community.

In order to foster Inclusive Excellence on the UW Oshkosh campus:
I pledge to actively respect all peoples.
I pledge to seek out new knowledge about diverse peoples.
I pledge to strive to understand the meaning of equity and to create equity for all peoples.
I pledge to empathize with experiences other than my own.
I pledge to acknowledge perspectives other than my own.
I pledge to be introspective and honest about my openness toward new ideas and perspectives.
I pledge to presume good will in all my interactions.
I pledge to honor this commitment in all aspects of my life.
By doing all of the above, I am pledging to foster an environment of Inclusive Excellence at UW Oshkosh.


Student Organizations

There are over 150 student organizations on campus, and a number of them are focused on diversity and social justice.  See the full list on TitanLink.