'Reeveamp' Reeve Union Expansion and Renovation

We are very pleased to inform you and keep you updated on a very exciting building project for our campus community; the ‘Reeveamp’ Renovation and Expansion of Reeve Memorial Union.  Through our building project website you will gain access to all happenings surrounding the building project (project schedule, funding source, building committee, project scope, FAQ, and more).  Please continue to utilize the for current building and service hours, upcoming programs and activities, plus so much more!

What is the project scope? 

  • Create a more open and welcoming entrance to the Algoma Boulevard that meets accessibility needs as well. 
  • Enhance the Student Leadership and Involvement area; creating more space for resources, informal meetings, work tables, and student organization storage. 
  • Addition of passenger elevator near the Algoma Boulevard entrance. 
  • Addition of lactation room and gender neutral bathroom. 
  • Replace windows in the old part of the building, to improve energy efficiency and aesthetics. 
  • Enhance meeting rooms on the second floor. 
  • Create a customer friendly location for CopyThis!! and Reeve Marketing.
Current Project Update

Starting this Friday, November 11, Algoma Boulevard in front of Reeve Union will be going down to one lane of vehicle traffic, plus a bike lane, due to the Reeve Union building project.  Some impacts of this change will include: 

    • There will no longer be 15 minute parking available in front of Reeve Union; visitors can pay to use Lot 15 meter parking or seek other short-term parking options on campus.  
    • The US Postal drop box was also relocated to closer to Albee Hall, for your convenience. 
    • The crosswalk directly across from Reeve Union, by the stoplight, will no longer be available to cross Algoma Boulevard.  However there will be two new crosswalks on each side of the Reeve Union building project construction zone.  

Please take a minute to view a video that will explain this traffic pattern:

Please note this traffic pattern will be in place through the duration of the Reeve Union building project, which has an anticipated completion date of Fall 2017.


Questions or Feedback?

Please contact the director of Reeve Union, Randy Hedge.  Randy coordinates the construction efforts with the contractor, Facilities Management, and the occupants of the building.  
Office Location: Administrative Offices in Reeve 104

Reeve Advisory Council (RAC) continues to advise on operational issues with the construction and opening of the new facility, as well as governance of Reeve Memorial Union
Kenzie Keena, president, and Aza Muzorewaa, vice president

Building Project Funding
UW Oshkosh students voted (March 2012) and approved an increase of student segregated fees to cover the costs of the renovation.  No tax dollars are being used to fund this project.  The student referendum approved an increase of not to exceed $28/semester to cover the cost of the $7.8 million dollar renovation. The increase will be effective until the bond payment for the 2001 addition to Reeve Union is paid off in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)