Fundraising & Pepsi Allocations

Food Fundraising

Any group or organization affiliated with UW Oshkosh must receive permission from University Dining in order to sell food items on campus.  This is required in order to monitor safe food handling procedures and to insure that health code requirements and contractual agreements are followed.

Requests should be directed to the Assistant Director for Dining Operations, University Dining, Blackhawk Commons.  Email your request to . Please include the following information:

  • Purpose of event

  • Organization name and phone

  • Day / date of event

  • Time of event

  • Location of event

  • Menu (For food safety, menus must be approved in advance by University Dining)

  • Contact name, email, and phone number

  • Alternate contact information

  • Residence Hall (if applicable)

 Pepsi Allocations and Product Request
Through the university's contract with Pepsi, annual allocations have been made available to fund events held in Reeve Memorial Union and other campus locations which enhance student life through educational, social and leadership opportunities. They consist of the Pepsi Reeve Programming Allocations Fund and the Pepsi Product (canned soda/water) fund. Recognized student organizations and campus departments may apply for funding. The Pepsi Programming Allocations Fund helps student organizations pursue educational and leadership opportunities as well as assist organizations through sponsorship of social events and activities. Special consideration is given to events and activities that occur on evenings and weekends serving as an alternative to alcohol event. Funds may be requested to purchase promotional items such as t-shirts, frisbees, can coolers, etc. that support and provide visibility for the organization. Allocations cannot support fundraising events. If your student organization has received funding from Student Allocations for an event or activity, the amount received must be provided on the proposal form and the purpose for additional funding clearly identified. Fundraising events will not be supported. Complete the  Pepsi Special Allocation Request Form 

Student organizations may also request canned Pepsi products for educational events, meetings, seminars, etc. Up to eight cases at one beverage per person may be requested per event.

To request product, send an email to with the following information:

  • Event Title & Description 
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Event Date and Time 
  • Event Location 
  • Expected Attendance 
  • Who may attend 
  • Any special requests for flavors (otherwise we will order according to what is popular at other events) 

For More Information please contact: Marty Strand Assistant Director for Dining Operations (920) 424-2392.


  • Food may not be sold or distributed in Reeve Union or other locations on campus that would compete with Retail outlets in Reeve Union or within 250 ft. of any retail food operation in other buildings on campus.

  • Exceptions must be approved in advance by the Assistant Director for Dining Operations at extension 2392 and may require a food waiver from Sodexo.

  • By contractual agreement, Sodexo Services has first right of refusal to supply food and service for fund-raisers.  If they cannot or choose not to assist in providing the food, the organization requesting may be allowed to go to an off-campus vendor (please see policy regarding Use of Off Campus Food Providers).

  • If food is to be prepared you must contact the Assistant Director for Dining Operations at 424-2392 or  in advance for approval.

  • Potentially Hazardous food items and foods that contain them generally will not be allowed unless they are purchased precooked from an approved off campus provider.  Food items in the Potentially Hazardous Food category include and are not limited to eggs, raw meats, and some dairy products.

  • Preparing food may require the purchase of a temporary food permit.  Please contact the Assistant Director for Dining Operations for more details at 424-2392 or

  • Titan Dollars may not be accepted at any student organization fundraiser.

     Read the local health code.

City Temporary Food Sanitation Permit

  • All events requiring reimbursement must have a Meals Requisition and a Food Waiver (when purchasing food from sources other than Sodexo over $200) completed and turned in with proper receipts.  Proper receipts may also be turned in on a personal expense report form or direct payment request form.

  • Items not requiring a food permit include but are not limited to Bake Sales (with bakery purchased from a retail store such as Festival Foods or Pick 'n Save), Puppy Chow, and Pizza for Resale which is cooked and provided by a commercial vendor, Popcorn and Cotton Candy.

  • Items requiring a food permit include but are not limited to Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, B.B.Q., Hamburgers, Chicken, Corn, etc.

  • To lessen the chance of health problems with cookout style foods, pre cooked foods are recommended.  Hot dogs, brats, burgers and chicken all come in a pre cooked form.  These should be kept frozen or below 38 degrees F just prior to cooking.  These items are available from Sodexo.

  • When cooking out a hand wash station must be set up, to include some source of running water, hand soap, and disposable hand towels.  This can be set up with plastic insulated beverage containers with a spigot.

    Temporary Retail Food Permit $80.00, Food Related Events (One to Three Days) $60.00