Novelty Machine Rental Form

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Popcorn Machine
Each popcorn pack makes approximately 5 bags of popcorn. Ex: I have an event with my sorority, and want 20 packs of popcorn how many does this feed? 20 popcorn packs multiplied by 5 bags of popcorn per pack equals 100 bags of popcorn served.
Cotton Candy Machine
Each box makes about 40 cones of cotton candy. Ex: I have an event in my residence hall, and want 2 boxes of blue raspberry, 2 boxes of strawberry and 1 box of grape. How many does this feed? If each box makes 40 cones: 5 boxes multiplied by 40 cones equals 200 cotton candy cones served.
Sno Cone Machine
Note: Each gallon of flavored syrup costs $10.00
Each syrup container makes about 40 SnoKones Ex: I am having an event in Reeve Union and want 1 container of grape and 1 container of cherry. How many does this feed? If each container makes 40 SnoKones: 2 containers multiplied by 40 SnoKones equals 80 SnoKones served.
Blender Bike
Renter Agreement
Please read the following information and check the agreement box below: All requests must be made no later than 10 days prior to the event date. All requests are handled in a first come-first serve basis. All information above must be complete prior to use. $10.00 late fee will be charged if equipment is not returned on the date listed above. Renting organizations/departments will be held responsible for damages to machines. Rental of machines includes cleaning; groups are not responsible for cleaning machines. Organizations/departments will not be charged for unopened products/supplies. Machines must be picked up from and returned to the Student Leadership & Involvement Center. Questions and requests should be directed to the Student Leadership & Involvement Center.